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Complete generator sales & service in the Albany, NY area

Customer Satisfaction + Technical Expertise

Advanced Power was formed in January 2012 by the merger of Mohawk Power Systems, and Advanced Power Systems. Randy Parker purchased Mohawk Power Systems from the previous owner in December 2009. Tim Paley started Advanced Power Systems in 2002. Tim has nearly 40 years’ experience in mechanics, electrical work, and residential building. He has owned and managed various independent businesses throughout his career as well as held several industrial positions. Randy Parker has a manufacturing and engineering background, having spent over 30 years in the glass industry with management positions in the architectural, automotive, and marine businesses.  Randy and Tim both have a strong belief in focusing on customer satisfaction and technical competence.

As two of the first companies in the Albany, New York area dedicated to standby power generators, we have developed a loyal customer following by providing superior customer service and technical excellence at affordable prices.

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